The Club was originally founded "to promote yachting and rowing and to foster athletic sports upon the water". This mission was set forth by seven founding members, each playing an integral role in the early and enduring success of Bay Head Yacht Club.

Alvoni Allen:

A partner with W. & J. Sloane out of New York City, Alvoni played a leading role in the establishment of the Club. He was elected as the very first commodore and sold the Club the land on which it now stands.

John Pennington:

An Englishman who served in the Royal Navy, John emigrated to New York City in 1857. He gained employment with W. & J. Sloane, where he crossed paths with Alvoni Allen. Pennington became the first treasurer of the Club and designed the first BHYC burgee for the Club's first regatta in 1889. He was a true yachtsman who's cherished catboat Myth can still be seen as an exact replica resting in the Club's basin all summer.

J. Alfred Ackerman:

The Club's most prominent yachtsman of the time and first secretary. Mr. Ackerman held the rank of Major in the New York National Guard until resigning in 1888 to fully devote his life to his passion for yachting.

Wyckoff Applegate:

A building contractor for the Bay Head Land Company, Mr. Applegate spent the majority of his life in Bay Head and supervised the construction of the Bay Head Chapel, All Saints Church, and of course the BHYC clubhouse.

Ben Hance:

Better known as "Captain Ben'' Hance, he operated a boat yard in Bay Head building Sneakboxes, row boats and small sailboats. "Captain Ben'' spent his entire life between the towns of Bay Head and Point Pleasant where his family is recognized as one of the oldest to reside at the Head of the Bay.

Julius Foster:

After moving to Bay Head in 1881, Julius quickly became a pillar of the community. Serving as postmaster, tax assessor, member of the Board of Education and two terms as mayor in 1886-1887 and again in 1888-1889.

Edward Howe:

The "Father of Bay Head". A well established banker from Mercer County, Edward acted as the principal shareholder of the Bay Head Land Company and is credited with not only the development of the Club itself but the development of the majority of the land at the head of the Barnegat Bay. Thanks to Edward Howe, hundreds of families now enjoy his vision of a summertime resort better known as the town of Bay Head.