Guest Information


Visiting Yachtsmen: Transient guest boats from other private yacht clubs or members' guests must register immediately upon arrival at the Club. If you are a member of a private yacht club please identify yourself by flying your yacht club burgee. Guests may use available harbor facilities, subject to assignment by the Harbormaster, for a period not to exceed three days, except as approved by the Docks and Grounds Committee. An overnight docking fee will apply. Billing may be by way of the home club, if prior arrangement has been made with the Club office; in the event guests are sponsored or referred by a member, billing will be made directly to the BHYC member account.

Transient member boats may use the harbor facilities based upon prior arrangement with the Harbormaster. Such use is subject to fee, per the fee schedule in effect. These fees and notification restrictions do not apply to BHYC sponsored events.

Our Harbormaster can be hailed on VHF 71. 

Dress Code: Unless otherwise specified for special events, jackets and closed toed, closed heel shoes for men and similarly suitable attire for women are required while in the Dining Room on Saturday evenings. Casual attire is permitted at all other times and places.

Casual attire means collared shirts, neat slacks, dress shorts for gentlemen and similarly suitable attire for women. Cut-offs, midriff tanks, men’s sleeveless tee shirts, bare feet and blue denim are prohibited in all areas at all times. After 6 pm, all men’s shirts must be tucked in. Bathing suits, when properly covered, and presentable tee shirts free of offensive slogans or words are permitted in outdoor areas until 6 pm. Tennis whites and athletic attire are prohibited in the Dining Room and are permitted on the Orlop Deck until 10 pm and elsewhere only until 6 pm.

Everyone is required to remove their hats when indoors. Children over 10 are expected to adhere to the dress code.


Electronic Devices: The use of cell phones and other electronic devices is generally prohibited in the Commodores Room and all indoor dining areas of the Club except for the taking and viewing of photographs. Cell phone conversations are prohibited on Club grounds except in the rest rooms and parking areas. All electronic devices must be in silent mode at all times and in all areas of the Club.

Children: Parents shall be responsible for the behavior and dress of their children on Club property.

Children are permitted in the Commodores Room when accompanied by an adult, but are prohibited from sitting at the bar.

The Barnegat Room (including the bar and dining areas) and Flying Bridge are reserved for adults and children over 16 who are accompanied by adults. Children under 16 are permitted in these areas only when attending private parties.

Smoking: BHYC is a smoke-free facility. No smoking is allowed in the clubhouse or on its porches and docks. Those wishing to smoke may do so in the parking areas of the Club. Smoking materials must be carefully extinguished and disposed of in the receptacles designated for that purpose. To protect our clubhouse, docks and boats, BHYC prohibits open flames except on tabletop candles. Sparklers and other lit devices are prohibited.

Tipping Policy: No member or guest shall give any money, gift or gratuity to any person employed by the Club, exclusive of the service charge imposed on Clubhouse bills and voluntary contributions to the Club's Employee Christmas Fund. Gratuities are not to be solicited or accepted by any employee regardless of the employee's position or the nature of the service provided. Members and guests are advised that, in accordance with the Club's Employee Handbook, the solicitation or acceptance of a gratuity by an employee may be grounds for immediate dismissal.

Animals: Animals are not permitted in the clubhouse or on the Club docks or grounds except for guide dogs.