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For over a century Bay Head Yacht Club has stood steadfast at the northern head of the Barnegat Bay. Despite notable challenges, the Club's leadership has continuously provided a family centric atmosphere, devoted to championing athletic excellence and fostering long term multi generational friendships.




On September 8, 1888 the Bay Head Yacht Club was founded by an interesting mix of local and summer residents. Coming from different walks of life (real estate developers, boat builders and building contractors) this collection of men made one thing perfectly clear: they were there to take their stewardship of this young club and its yachting activities very seriously.


Our First Home

Original Clubhouse

With a group of men and a common goal, all that was left to do was find a place to call home.


Due East


With the clubhouse only being accessible by boardwalk it was deemed imperative to move the clubhouse to a more user friendly location. This however would come at a cost.


We're Going to Need a Bigger Boat

clubhouse 2

A decade after its establishment the Bay Head Yacht Club was enjoying a thriving membership. However, things were beginning to get a little tight.


If You Build It, They Will Come

original tennis

With an ever-growing membership comes ever-growing interests. By 1909 members began to want more than just sailing as an available sporting option.


The Founding Four

BBYRA Emblem

With yacht racing on Barnegat Bay beginning to take shape in a more formal fashion, it was the perfect time to organize a local governing body for racing.


Third Time's the Charm

third time

The same clubhouse that stands to this day. Well, sort of.


The "Barnegat Bay Pirate"


No one, in the century long existence of BHYC, has had a greater impact or legacy than that of Howard Rogers.


A Timeless Classic


The shallow hull design and retractable centerboard of the Marshall Sanderling made it the perfect craft for navigating the shallow waters of Barnegat Bay. Leaving BHYC only one choice.


Going for Gold

Merrick Headshot

Bay Head's most decorated sailor takes over the international limelight.


Showcasing the Showroom


The greatest acquisition in Club history.



Sandy Club

October 28, 2012. The day that forever changed the New Jersey coast.


Bay Head Strong


Adversity: A state or instance of serious or continued difficulty or misfortune.


130 Years


A celebration for the ages.


Cottage and Court Yard

A new frontier.

Bay Head Yacht Club

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I want to thank you and your entire team for the wonderful Spring and Summer season. Everyone was so helpful and pleasant. There are so many fun events that make the Club more alive and exciting. The culinary team do a super job of providing delicious and varied menus! The grounds always look great. It's a real treat to be a member of BHYC
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