In the days following the cleanup from the devastation of Superstorm Sandy, the Club's leadership recognized they had a commitment to fulfill. Not only did they have to conceive a plan to restore the badly damaged clubhouse, but they needed to devise an alternate operation for the upcoming summer. With no clubhouse to host the membership a creative solution was required. After several meetings and hours of brainstorming a decision was made. The Merrick Sailing Center would be transformed into a 60 seat dining room while a 120 person tent would offer al fresco dining. Two mobile kitchens would be sourced to run the food and beverage operation. Sailing and tennis operated under modifications with Junior Sailing utilizing two new floats to launch from. Tennis could only use five of the ten courts due to the physical relocation of the clubhouse for the purpose of setting new pilings. By day the boathouse would act as the new Junior Sailing clubhouse and by night it would host the member events for the summer. These satellite operations would define the Bay Head Yacht Club for the following two summers as the clubhouse was restored. Finally, after countless hours of planning and execution by tireless members and employees, our doors unlocked for the Grand Reopening on November 29, 2014.