The Dale Yacht Basin was the only building of its kind that existed in its day. The 90 x 115 ft yacht showroom, with a 56 ft high ceiling, was constructed by Slade Dale in 1940 to accommodate up to 30 mid-sized cruisers. With railroad tracks running directly into the southeast door, companies such as Chris Craft and Lyman delivered boats from their factories in Ohio directly to Bay Head, New Jersey. Boats were then suspended from hoists on the ceiling and transferred manually into the building's wet slip for launch. In 1947 Dale introduced his first of many boat shows that would run from March to May displaying a variety of vessel types. The Club has had the privilege of acquiring this building and reinvented the space into a unique wedding venue. By preserving the building's original features and continuing to use it for its original purpose of storing boats, BHYC honors the legacy of Slade Dale.